Oh, Prosecco how we love you……. we love the fizz, we love the taste and with the average wedding requiring 44 bottles of fizz, we love the price.

Laithwaits Wine recently published research that revealed the Prosecco boom is continuing around the county with 63% of couples toasting with a glass of prosecco compared to 8% who use the more traditional champagne, making prosecco the official tipple of choice at weddings in the UK.

With that in mind we have done our own research and put together this incredible list of ways to pimp up your prosecco and add your own twist to the fizz you serve.  Whether your wedding has a more rustic vibe or you are going for full blown glamour, there is an idea below that you will love.

These ideas are also fabulous for summer barbecues or to wow at your next party.  As a very wise woman once said to me, let’s get busy with the fizzy…….

Add Cucumber and Lime

Slices of cucumber, basil leaves and lime will give your prosecco a tang that is perfect for a summer wedding.  Adding mineral or soda water will turn it into a spritzer which would be ideal for serving post-ceremony and would make that fizz stretch even further.

Serve in Jam Jars

Serve your prosecco in jam or mason jars instead of champagne flutes.  Garnish with fresh strawberries and serve with stripy straws for that rustic feel.

Add Berries

Instead of serving on its own try adding some berries to the bottom of the glass, a mix of colours and textures looks great so strawberries, blueberries and raspberries work well.

Create Your Own DIY Prosecco Bar

We love this idea, it’s a huge trend for weddings.  Create your own drink pimping bar by using blackboards or pinboards and lay out jars, jugs, bowls of fruit and cordials for your guests to create their own fizz masterpiece.

Add a Flower

Adding a hibiscus flower to your glass of fizz adds a truly elegant touch to your drinks.  These edible flowers unfurl when the fizz is added to the glass,  if you are looking to really add the wow factor this little trick is perfect for stunning your guests.

Serve as Ice Lollies

This fun and original idea for summer weddings will refresh and wow your guests at the same time.  Freeze your prosecco and add cucumber, berries or even edible flowers and serve as ice lollies.  Just make sure none of the children attending get their hands on them!

Serve with Ice Lollies

Infuse your fizz with flavour and a little bit of colour by serving with an ice lolly in your glass.

Add a Little Sparkle

Shimmer for Prosecco is an edible glitter that swirls around the glass rathe than sinking to the bottom, its shimmery pink and will turn your prosecco a rose gold colour and adds a subtle raspberry taste.  Fizz and sparkle, what could be better?

Add Candy Floss

Start with a glass full of candy floss and add your fizz.  The candy floss will melt into the liquid making a really cool party trick and a delicious cocktail at the same time.  Alternatively place a small pouf of candy floss on top of a full glass for an elegant cloud-like effect.

Rim Your Glass

Moisten the rim of your glass with water or lemon and them roll the rim in a pile of glittery sugar.  You can use this to add sparkle or colour, reflect your theme or use alternatives to the sugar when seasonally appropriate.

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