If you are planning your wedding this year, a great place to start is with the hottest wedding trends for 2018. Knowing ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ is a great help when planning your big day and our top 5 wedding trends for the year ahead will set you up with all you need to know.

Industrial looking venues

If you love the rustic or vintage chic looks, get ready for the latest trend to hit the wedding scene….industrial chic!

The industrial wedding trend has been hugely popular in recent years and is set to take off in a big way in 2018. With old industrial style buildings gaining popularity as converted loft apartments, event spaces are now catching up with the trend.

Industrial style weddings are perfect for couples that want to break free from the traditional theme and showcase their individuality. The great thing about an industrial wedding is the freedom it offers couples when picking a venue with no need to stick to traditional venues. Spaces that may have once been views as cold and unfinished are now considered creative and chic and the possibilities are endless.

Think old warehouses with exposed brick, factories with metal piping or open-space lofts with concrete wall. Throw in some Edison lighting, add some greenery or florals and you have instantly added some chic to the industrial. Avoiding spaces that are too ornate will make sure your venue feels truly authentic, the simpler the better when it comes to this trend.

Minimalistic wedding décor

When thinking about your wedding it may be an automatic reaction to think ‘the bigger, the better’ when it comes to your wedding décor however recent trends would disagree.

Simplicity and minimalism is becoming a massive trend in all areas of life, it’s no secret that people are looking simplify their lives and rid themselves of all stress and baggage that clutter up their day to day existence. Minimalism is associated with cleanliness, calmness and a feeling of ‘hygge’ and the less stressed and the more ‘hygge’ you are on your wedding day, the better.

This chic trend has become massive in recent years and it seems is here to stay. Simplicity makes things beautiful. Rather than eliminating detail, a minimalist look makes the details that remain stand out and really pack a punch. Without fuss there is nothing to detract from your carefully chosen pieces creating focal points and giving them more impact

An added bonus is that a minimalist theme is often budget friendly however this does not mean that your minimalist look has to mean sparse, with some creative greenery and elegant calligraphy you can tap into the natural beauty of your venue and create a stunning backdrop to your wedding.
Think simple centrepieces, classy cakes, simple but elegant favours and non-flashy backdrops to create a sophisticated and stunning vibe.

Mis-matched bridesmaids

Finding the prefect dresses for your bridesmaids can be as stressful as finding the perfect wedding dress for you. Chances are all your girls will have different tastes, body shapes and opinions. Luckily for you the mis-matched bridesmaid trend is not going anywhere in 2018.

Giving your bridesmaids the option to choose their own dresses is different colours and cuts means everyone has the opportunity to feel comfortable and beautiful. Following these simple rules will make sure you end up with a bridal party that whilst maybe slightly untraditional, will look amazing!

Consider hemlines – whilst choosing dresses make sure there is a good mix of hemlines and silhouettes otherwise photographs may look awkward if all your girls opt for the same bar one. Whether you all choose floor-length, to the knee or varying length hems, make sure you either stick to one hemline or have a balanced option.

Mismatched Fabrics – if the thought of mismatched dresses brings you out in a sweat consider using a uniform shade but in a mix of fabrics. Each bridesmaid will be able to show their individuality but a single shade makes your ladies easily identifiable.

Mismatched Shapes – varying your silhouettes is a great option if you have a group of ladies with varying body types. If one of your girls doesn’t want to show her arms but another loves a strapless style you can keep everyone happy by keeping the shade the same but giving them options to choose a style they feel comfortable and beautiful in.

Mismatched Colours – if you want to mismatch your colours but not stray too far from a traditional look, the art is to pick one set colour tone. Pastels, Jewel tones and bold shades, anything goes with this trend and it is particularly good if you have one colour in mind but also want to ensure all your ladies skin tone is flattered.

Totally mismatched – If you are more adventurous and want to completely embrace the mismatched trend, a great way to do it is to have a theme that ties in all your ladies. This works really well with floral bridesmaid dresses and looks absolutely stunning for spring or summer weddings.

Single colour bridal bouquets

Your bouquet is the perfect compliment to your dress and a single colour bouquet can work exceptionally well to set the colour palette for your whole day. If you don’t want a single flower but still like the idea, your florist can add a bit of texture by combining different flowers in the same shade and if your décor is starting to feel a bit fussy stripping your bouquet down to a single flower type or shade can feel effortlessly chic.

Flowers are sold in bulk so the more types of flowers you incorporate, the higher the cost. Sticking to one type of flower is a smart way to create a stunning look whilst being kind to your budget at the same time. What’s not to love?

Alternative food and drink ideas

If you are planning your wedding menu and finding the traditional options of ‘chicken or fish’ a bit boring, 2018 is your year as the trends for alternative wedding cuisines explode!  A laid back approach to wedding food is becoming more and more popular and it’s a great way to show your individuality or tie your food options into your theme.

Afternoon tea served on china cups and saucers along with cakes and scones is a fantastic fit for your vintage affair and if you want to go full-on rustic, a hog roast and beer barrel bar will create the vibe for your day.

Alternatives like food trucks and prosecco vans are also a great way to get your friends and family interacting by creating a more relaxed alternative than the traditional seated wedding breakfast and the fantastic thing is, some of these options come in much more budget friendly than providing a sit down meal for all your guests.

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