Organising your wedding can be a logistical nightmare.  Planning, delegating, juggling budgets and keeping track of tasks can give the most organised of us a headache.  With our busy lives the mammoth task of organising the wedding of your dreams can be a pretty daunting thought.

Let’s be honest, some of our best ideas come to us when we are out running errands or standing in line during lunch break, that’s why it’s more important than ever to find a way to be productive from your phone.

Whether it’s deciding on a colour scheme, delegating tasks or sharing itineraries and photographs, it’s time to fully digitise the planning process and streamline your wedmin.  We have put together our top 10 apps that will help you organise your wedding like a pro.

Pantone Studio

One of the first decisions that brides need to make is what colour scheme to go for.  There are so many shade options that to just say ‘I like blue’ is not going to cut it.  That is where Pantone Studio comes in.  It’s like a Shazam for colour!  If you see the perfect shade of blush for a bridesmaids dress, take a photo, upload it to the app and then wait whilst it works its magic and identifies that exact colour match from its library of over 10,000 shades.  The app also gives you guidance on how to create your perfect colour palette.

One of the best parts of this app is that it helps you create a colour palette based on your Pinterest or Instagram account which you can then share on social media or via e mail making it easy to keep your bridal party/mother/other half every time inspiration strikes.

A basic version of the app is available for free download with a paid monthly subscription with more advanced features.


This genius app lets you delegate your tasks to people (Taskers) in your area.  Taskers can also help you research and contribute to the planning process.

All you need to do is post a job you need help with and specify an hourly rate you are willing to pay and wait for someone to bid on it.


We all know Wayfair as a gorgeous way to source furniture and home décor but they also offer a Wedding Registry Service which is simple to set up and access through the Wayfair app.

If you are undecided about what to register for, the app offers a ready-made registry packed with ideas to inspire your choices.  With lists such as ‘modern mix’ and ‘farmhouse chic’ there’s plenty to help you decide.


Wedpics is a fantastic app that allows you to keep all of your wedding pics in one place without creating a wedding website.  This free to download app allows you to create a wedding profile which you can invite your guests to join using a custom code.  Guests can then upload all the snaps they take on the day and view all the other photos in the album.  Doing this gives you access to the sometimes brilliant snaps taken on peoples phones that otherwise you might miss.  You can also order prints direct from the app which will help make creating your albums a breeze.


Many people know Shutterfly as a handy app for ordering prints but you can also use it during the wedding planning process.  The app is great for creating wedding stationery such as save-the-date cards.  You can also use it to produce your own personalised, wedding-themed gifts for use as favours or to give to your bridal party.  After all who wouldn’t love a mug with a picture of your bridal squad as a reminder!


Evernote is not officially a wedding planning app but it can prove a huge help during the planning process.  Evernote can help you co-ordinate and share to-do lists, notebooks and sketches which you can then share with your wedding party, family or other half.

You can also search your notes using keywords so if you are not as organised as you would like, you can still find that note you made 5 months ago whilst thinking about wedding shoes  !Evernote also allows you to sync your notes across devices so that you can keep track of tings whether you are on your laptop or your phone.

Evernotes basic plan is free but there is a paid option available with slightly more features i.e. the ability to view your notes whilst offline.


Slack is a new group messaging program which is taking the wedding planning world by storm.  Use the app to message members of your group, share photos and choose who sees what so you can share photos privately with group members.  The app allows you to sync calendars with other users and create reminders for tasks on your to-do list.  You can also create a Slack channel whereby users can make song request which can then be shared with your DJ before the big day.

Appy Couple

Appy Couple is the mother of all wedding apps.  Details from the hen party to the ceremony can be shared with guests and friends.  Guests can RSVP through the app and even make food selections from wedding menus.  Your gift registry can be shared and there is also a wedding countdown for guest.  On the big day itself wedding photos can be uploaded to a gallery.


Atleto is the ultimate tool for brides-to be to connect with like-minded brides to start and motivate each other through their pre-wedding fitness programs.  This social sports app brings beginner and advanced fitness levels alike together to maximise their workouts and support and motivate each other through those harder days.

Brides can also from groups via the app to organise activities, either fitness related or social and after sweating it out brides can rate each other on effort and level of support to ensure optimum fitness matches in future.

Event Brite

Event Brite is an absolute must-have for destination brides.  This app enables you to create ‘tickets’ for your wedding which guests can then log onto and buy meaning you can do away with multiple separate payments and you can easily keep track of who’s paid and who hasn’t.  You can also personalise the tickets and collect vital guest info essential for travel via the app.

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