• 26Jul

    Weddings are events that linger in people's minds long after they are over. They are heavily photographed, video recorded, and talked about for years. The first dance is fast becoming one of the most talked about elements and that's one of the reasons people are starting to put so much thought and effort into their wedding dances.

    The first dance is a long standing, romantic tradition and one of the most memorable and intimate parts of your wedding day so it’s something you want to get right, however it can be one of the most nerve racking parts of your wedding day. If having all eyes on you is your worst nightmare and you are not a confident dancer, the idea of a first dance and the pressure for perfection may leave you feeling stressed and nervous. Even the most confident mover can be hit by nerves.

    Today we are talking to Claire Spence from A Dance to Remember. Claire is a dance teacher with over a decade of professional dance experience travelling the world as a featured dancer and dance captain. Now specialising in first dances, Claire works with couples to ensure their first dance experience is stress free, beautifully choreographed and most of all relaxed and enjoyable.

  • 03Jul

    It’s the night before your wedding.  All the planning and stressing is over and it’s time to sit back and actually enjoy your day.  You are probably feeling a combination of giddy with excitement and sick with nerves and like most other brides to be, there is no way you are going to sleep when your mind is racing at 1000 mile per hour.

    A restful night is really important to help you feel and look amazing on your wedding day so to help you take stock, clear your head and re-balance we have put together a list of things to do, the night before you say ‘I do’.

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