• 03Jul

    It’s the night before your wedding.  All the planning and stressing is over and it’s time to sit back and actually enjoy your day.  You are probably feeling a combination of giddy with excitement and sick with nerves and like most other brides to be, there is no way you are going to sleep when your mind is racing at 1000 mile per hour.

    A restful night is really important to help you feel and look amazing on your wedding day so to help you take stock, clear your head and re-balance we have put together a list of things to do, the night before you say ‘I do’.

  • 22Jun

    Wedding planning is without a doubt one of the most stressful projects you will ever undertake. Who knew planning your wedding would have so many moving parts – and include such a huge amount of people.

    You have chosen your bridal party and have checked out our ‘wedding planning timeline’ so you know what needs done and when, but figuring out who does what can be confusing.

    Besides generally helping you out whenever you hit a crisis, the individuals in your wedding party do have some basic duties. We have put together a list of the main players and what they are traditionally responsible for, to help you delegate. Our list is available in a downloadable pdf here. Print off and give to your bridal party so everyone know what they are responsible for and take the opportunity to share some of the responsibility and ease some of the stress.

  • 09Jun

    We hear a lot about the importance of wellbeing these days. According to the University of Oxford if you feel content, energised, connected and balanced you are experiencing wellbeing. The path to our wellbeing includes making time to have fun, creating a positive environment and taking time out to focus, relax and just be. Have these people ever planned a wedding?

    Every bride to be will agree that planning your wedding, whilst being one of the happiest times in your life, is also one of the most stressful times. Co-ordinating suppliers, keeping track of budgets, finding the perfect dress and dealing with guests can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed and totally burnt out and stressed. As well as taking a toll on your mental health, stress can be detrimental to your physical health manifesting with symptoms such as low energy, supressed immune system, insomnia, headaches and many more and quite frankly, nobody has time for that?