Staying within a budget can be challenging at the best of times but throw a wedding into the mix and budgeting can become one of the biggest stresses known to man.  Compromise becomes an art form and readjusting your expectations can become a necessary chore.

A stylish yet budget friendly wedding is achievable however with a little bit of imagination and creative flair.  DIY wedding projects are easier than ever these days with a huge amount of inspiration available via Pinterest and raw materials being readily available on the high street.  Creating something unique gives a personal flair to your wedding and as well as saving pennies can add that certain something to your arrangements that you just wouldn’t get with off the shelf decorations.

Wedding projects can also be a great way to get your family and bridal party involved, give everyone a glue gun and a glass of wine and you’re ready to go.

We have put together a list of our favourite DIY projects that even the most un-crafty of us can achieve along with links to tutorials to guide and inspire you, the only limit is your imagination……..

Wedding Chalkboard Sign.

Chalkboards as wedding décor have become extremely popular over the last few years and with good reason, if you are wanting to save on cost and have something that you can change up and use as part of your home décor, DIY is the way to go.  Even if your handwriting is terrible, with a little instruction and practice you can make some amazing signs using cute wedding quotes or a verse personal to you.

If you are looking for something to fit with a rustic theme or give a bit of a vintage vibe chalkboards are so versatile, they can be painted to match your colour scheme, sprayed glamorous gold or made classically elegant with crisp calligraphy against a black or white background.

Whatever look you are going for, keep the theme consistent throughout your event, make sure your calligraphy is easy to read and have fun with it.

Distressed Chalk Paint Mason Jars

Mason jars are the go to items of the moment for wedding decor and are one of the most versatile items around.  With uses such as candle holders, flower arrangements, table centrepieces and light fixtures it’s no wonder these little beauties are so popular.  Not only are they incredibly versatile and budget friendly but they are absolutely gorgeous to boot.  You have the option of leaving your jars clear or you can follow the tutorial below and give them a coat of paint to match your colour scheme.  Either way, the possibilities are endless.



As well as being one of the easiest DIY projects that you can make for your wedding, bunting is a fun and creative way to keep costs down and it looks pretty awesome at the same time. Bunting fits with so many styles of weddings from vintage to boho and has many more uses than just decoration – think bunting seating plans, quirky props for photos or bunting for guests to personalise with messages for the happy couple.  It’s remarkably easy to make your own bunting in the fabrics, colours or style that you love.

DIY Sweet Cart


Sweet carts are becoming more and more popular at weddings and of course the easiest option would be to hire one.  However, when you consider that hiring the cart is expensive and often doesn’t include the cost of stocking it and you can end up with a cart prominently displaying the company website, you may be more inclined to DIY.

If you want to save money and have the freedom to fully customise your cart to tie in with your theme, follow the advice below from our friends at and create your own fully customised sweet station filled with treats both you and your guests will love.

Balloon Ceiling


We absolutely love this idea.  Love it.  Trust us, you need this in your life.

If you want the wow factor but don’t want to splurge this is the way to go.  You don’t even need to waste money on expensive helium gas, a line of fishing reel is all you need to pull off this gravity defying look.   It would be worth using a higher quality balloon that will hold the air longer that way you can prep your ceiling a day before and you won’t need to worry about your balloons deflating.

DIY Cocktail Station


DIY cocktail stations are a huge trend for weddings.  Create your own drink pimping bar by using blackboards or pin boards and lay out jars, jugs, bowls of fruit and cordials for your guests to create their own masterpiece.  Use a cart or old fashioned serving trolley and adorn with sparkling straws, cool mismatched glasses and bunting or fairly lights to create an outrageously cool creative drink station.  Check out the tutorials above for ideas for bunting and chalkboards that will look amazing on your drinks station.

Floral Crown


A floral crown is one of the easiest and prettiest accessories to wear.  Once reserved for bohemian weddings, there is now one for every occasion and style.  To find one that fits with your day consider your colour scheme/theme and also the climate of your wedding.  A wreath of tiny white flowers would look amazing for a spring wedding whilst acorns and greenery would be a perfect fit for a winter wedding.  You don’t even have to choose between a flower crown and veil, they work beautifully together.  By tucking your veil into the back of your flower crown, you will give it extra staying power.

The tutorial below will show you how easy it is to create something beautifully bespoke to your big day.

Decorative Ladder


Got a tired old ladder hanging round your shed?  We have the perfect use for it….

Ladders are one of the most popular and cost effective ways to create unique wedding décor.  No matter the setting for your wedding this idea will look gorgeous anywhere and your guests will love it.  If you are going for a vintage theme take an old ladder and clean it up and use as is, or give it a lick of paint and distress it.  Adding flowers, candles, lights and garlands will make your ladder look amazing.  Ladders can be used to display photographs, incorporated into your food bar or even used as a prop in your wedding photoshoot.  The possibilities are endless and the effects are simply gorgeous.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog entry as much as we have enjoyed writing it. If you are feeling inspired we would love to see some of you own DIY projects, drop us a message or share on our Facebook page using the hashtag #weddingparlourDIY.

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