Wedding traditions can be romantic, the thought of doing something that has been done in a certain way for generations can be appealing and can make you feel a sense of belonging and comfort.  However, when it comes to your wedding, it should be done exactly the way you want to do it.  Just because your mum, your granny and your sister did something doesn’t mean that you have to!
We have put together a list of wedding traditions along with a mordent alternative.  Even if you consider yourself a traditional couple we bet there is at least ones of these upgrades that you will find appealing……

Old school – Brides should wear a long, white gown.

New rule – it’s your day, wear exactly what you want.  Although some brides may have been dreaming of a huge princess gown since they were 5, many go for something completely the opposite.  Anything goes on your day and as long as you feel fabulous in it, you can wear it.  Don’t force yourself into a dress that you feel people expect of you. It’s your wedding, you are the star of the show so go ahead and sparkle in your own special way.  Make it colourful, make it casual but most of all make it yours.

Old School – You shouldn’t see each other before the ceremony.

New rule – The tradition that the bride and groom shouldn’t see each other until the alter to avoid bad luck has long proved itself to be nonsense.  If you want to see each other before the ceremony there is nothing to stop you.  Sometimes having a private moment before the walk down the aisle can be special and can also calm pre-wedding nerves.  Some couples schedule a first-look photo shoot before the ceremony with just the bride, groom and photographer.  The result can be a series of truly intimate and special photographs.
Old School – Your bridesmaids should wear matching dresses.

New rule – Mismatch your girls.  It’s rare that all your girls will like and suit the same colours and styles of dress and although some people want their wedding party to be all the same, your bridesmaid’s dresses don’t have to match.  Let your girl’s individual personalities shine through by letting each bridesmaid choose a dress that suits her own style and shape.  To pull off the mismatched look you need one element that is the same in each dress i.e. length, materiel or colour.If you really can’t bear the thought of mismatched dresses you could instead let your bridesmaids style up their own dresses with accessories, shoes and jewellery.


Old School – Bridesmaids are female and groomsmen are male.

New rule – if your best friend happens to be a guy, make him your bridesman. Likewise, if a groom has a female best friend she can be a groomswoman.  Co-ordinate their outfit with the rest of the party using coloured or patterned accessories, dresses or sashes and you have a mixed bag of your nearest and dearest all looking fantastic and standing right beside you where you want them.

Old School – Choose a side, bride or groom.

New rule – choose a seat not a side.  It used to be written in stone that the groom’s guests sat on one side whilst the bride’s guests sat on another.  If you are not keen on creating the division or perhaps one parties guest list is larger than the other make it clear to your guests that you are all there to celebrate the two of you together so it doesn’t matter where you sit. A chalkboard with a cute poem such as, “Pick a seat, not a side, we’re all family once the knot is tied” is a nice touch and lets everybody know that they can choose to sit wherever is comfortable for them.

Old School – Guests sit on chairs or in pews.

New rule – if you are getting married in an informal venue such as a barn or an outdoor wedding choose seating that matches your venue and reflects the styling of your wedding. Hay bales covered with colourful quilts suit a rustic barn wedding whilst chic couches or elegant cushions can suit a more formal environment but still reflect your individual style.

Old School – You must wear a long white veil.

New Rule – You can wear anything you want.Break away from the standard white veil with a chic headband, a bohemian floral crown or simply wear your hair down with nothing in it and let your gorgeousness shine through.

Old School – 3 tiers with all the trimmings

New rule – Not everyone is a fan of traditional wedding cake and with all the gorgeous alternatives around why restrict yourself. You don’t have to forgo personality in favour of tradition.Select a confection that says something about you, or at the very least, is something you’ll actually look forward to eating at the end of the night. If you want to create something a little different think about several smaller cakes rather than one large one or perhaps serve up cupcakes or a selection of desserts or treats.

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