Your wedding is one of the biggest and happiest days of your life but let’s be honest, the stress levels leading up to it are off the scale! Obviously diligent planning and professional vendors go a long way towards ensuring nothing goes wrong but conventional wisdom says that something will always end up going not quite to plan.  That however doesn’t meant that preparations can’t be made to limit those potential mishaps, here are some things you should run through before the big day to make sure the only hitch, is you two getting hitched!

Your hair and makeup.
Because a bad hair day has the potential to ruin any normal day let alone your wedding day!  A hair and makeup trial is an absolute must.  Nothing has the potential to ruin your day like not feeling 100% happy with how you look.  Be sure to book a trial a few months in advance so that your hairstylist and makeup artist know exactly what you want and you get an idea of how long it will take to put everything together.  If you are not happy with any detail after your trial you will have plenty of time to change things and even fit another trial if needs be.

Your first dance.
If you and your partner seize up with horror at the thought of your first dance and all eyes being on you, a few trial runs can help you feel more comfortable and confident with what you are doing.  You might feel silly but it will definitely help and if you don’t want to practise at least have a discussion to make sure you are both on the same page.  Don’t feel too much pressure to be perfect, it’s all about having fun.

Vows and speeches
This one pretty much goes without saying! Even if you’ve written down notes and will have them with you at the wedding, it’s still a good idea to practise reciting your vows or saying your speech out loud a few times so you get comfortable with it.

Posing for the camera
Smiling and posing for the camera can make anyone feel uncomfortable which can result in photos that look awkward or strained.  Not really how you want to remember your day when looking through your album.  A little practise in front of the mirror can really help you find your comfort zone.

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Bustling your dress
We are talking from experience with here folks, in the end we just gave up!  Bustling your gown can be tricky and take some time, so it’s a good idea to get the hang of it before the big day. Though, of course, it’s more likely that your bridesmaids or mother will be the one doing the practicing here.

Walking in your wedding shoes
Most brides will have a new pair of shoes to wear on their big day.  You’ll want to break those bad boys in and ensure they don’t give you blisters.   Not only do you need to break your shoes in but you need to grow accustomed to walking in them, try wearing them round the house once in a while to make sure you master the graceful glide and don’t get any surprise blisters or pains.

Tying his tie/bow tie
One for the boys!  Every guy could use a refresher on tying his tie or bow tie before the big day and indeed getting dressed in general, especially if it’s an outfit he is not used to wearing regularly.  We all know nerves can result in the dreaded sausage fingers, perhaps make sure his best man is prepared to step in when he needs a little assistance.

At the end of the day practising the little things will not only make your wedding appear perfect to your guests but it will help to ensure you have one of the best and most memorable days of your life.  If you are comfortable and confident you will have a great time, feel relaxed and look amazing and those are the ingredients for a day as fabulous as it can possibly be.

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