It’s the night before your wedding.  All the planning and stressing is over and it’s time to sit back and actually enjoy your day.  You are probably feeling a combination of giddy with excitement and sick with nerves and like most other brides to be, there is no way you are going to sleep when your mind is racing at 1000 mile per hour.

A restful night is really important to help you feel and look amazing on your wedding day so to help you take stock, clear your head and re-balance we have put together a list of things to do, the night before you say ‘I do’.

Set your alarm
It may seem obvious but don’t rely on anyone else to wake you up and if at all possible set your alarm slightly earlier than you need to, to give yourself time to collect your thoughts and enjoy some quiet time before all the excitement.  On my wedding morning I sat on the balcony outside my room in the early morning and spent some quiet time by myself whilst the sun was rising and there was nobody about.  It was actually really lovely to have that time to reflect and gather my thoughts before all the excitement began.  Mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead is important and it’s a lovely memory that sticks with me from my wedding day.

Wash your hair

This is brilliant advice which will be reiterated by any experienced stylist.  Washing your hair the night before will mean it is easier to style, hair freshly washed on your wedding morning can be a little too silky smooth to hold your up-do or blow-dry and you may find it dropping as the day goes on.

Don’t touch any spots!
If you have any annoying blemishes on your skin do not touch them, we cannot emphasise that enough.  Your make-up artist will be able to disguise any spots or marks but if you aggravate it the night before you will end up dealing with an angry, red spot in the morning and you will make their job a lot harder.

Check your Emergency Kit
You’ve used our Wedding Day Kit List and you are prepared for any situation from hair emergencies to clothing mishaps but give your emergency kit a quick once over the night before and put your mind at ease that you are just as prepared as you thought you were.

Last minute outfit check
Check you and your bridal party have everything you need.   Dresses, shoes, underwear, accessories.  Nobody wants to realise they only have one shoe on the morning of the wedding.

Resist Alcohol
A glass of wine or two to help you celebrate and chill may be tempting but waking up with a headache or a bloated stomach is not the start you want for your wedding day. Save the celebrations for the day itself and wake up feeling refreshed and rested.


This may seem obvious but pre-wedding jitters or just pure excitement can mean a sleepless night.  A chilled out relaxing evening is essential to help you unwind, set a bedtime and stick to it and a product like This Work Sleep Plus Pillow Spray can help make falling asleep that little bit easier.

Drink a lot of water
The rushing around and stress that comes with preparing for your wedding can bring on dehydration which can make you feel tired and fuzzy and give you a headache.  Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and keep you in tip top condition.

Say goodbye to the tech
Stop checking Facebook, answering text messages and tweeting.  It’s hard to relax when you are constantly keeping up with messages.  Turn your devices onto silent or better still, hand them over to your maid-of-honour and chill.

Say a big ‘thank you’
Use the quiet time before the chaos kicks in to thank your nearest and dearest for their help and support. Everyone will be feeling emotional anyway so an extra hug for your bridesmaids and family will be appreciated.

Eat a health meal
Be extra careful what you eat leading up to the big day as eating the wrong food can cause you to bloat and leave your dress feeling tight and uncomfortable.  Be aware of what foods disagree with you and avoid them like the plague.

Run through your vows
All eyes will be on you and your groom when exchanging vows and making speeches, a last minute practice can put your mind at ease and help with nerves.

Focus on yourself
In the weeks running up to your wedding you have probably been rushed and stressed so make sure that you spend a little time pampering yourself.  Indulge in a spa treatment (nothing that could aggravate your skin) or massage, listen to your favourite music or do something that really helps you relax.  Tomorrow is the biggest day of your life, take some time to prepare yourself so you can really enjoy the amazing time that’s ahead of you.

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