Wedding Planning Timeline

Organising your big day can be stressful, there is so much to do and remember. It’s vital to ensure the right tasks get accomplished at the right time, especially with time sensitive issues such as ordering a dress or booking a venue. Our Wedding Planning Timeline will ensure all your to-do’s are achieved and help you co-ordinate your wedding tasks from dress shopping to sending out your invitations. We have based out timeline on a 12 month planning process, although all weddings are different with some organised in 3 months, others in 2 years, thankfully there are general rules that are helpful. We hope you find this useful….

Wedding Venue Checklist – Questions to ask your venue

When you are trying to select a venue for your wedding, forgetting to ask an important question could mean you end up selecting a venue that is missing a key element.
To save this from happening The Wedding Parlour offers the following checklist to help you select your venue. Whilst you may not think that all the questions are relevant to you, we would suggest you try and answer as many of them as possible. Your circumstances may change and a question that may seem unimportant now may prove to be very important when your big day comes.​

Wedding Day Kit List

To ensure your day goes without a hitch our Wedding Day Emergency Kit will ensure you are covered for every eventuality.
These ‘just in case’ items have been known to save the day on more than one occasion.  Pack up your kit bag, keep it easily accessible in the bridal prep room and throughout the day.You can then relax in the knowledge that you are prepared for whatever clothing challenges or beauty meltdowns that come your way. ​​​

Photography Checklist – don’t miss a thing with our must have photo list

Most couples don’t really think about the actual photos until reviewing them after the event.
A good photographer will capture the main events on your big day however there may be a few shots that you would really like. To help you avoid regretting not capturing that one moment you really wanted or that one family member you want to be photographed with it’s a good idea to talk to your photographer in advance. Our list of headline shots below will help you consider what images you expect to see and what images you really want to capture on your wedding day.
Styles of wedding photographs can vary enormously from the traditional and formal to the quirky and fun or documentary style shots.. Browse our selection of photography vendors here to find the perfect match for what you are looking for

Tips for Tracking Wedding Guests RSVP’s

​Once you’ve sent out your wedding invitations, it’s time to sit back and relax (yeah right!)  Tracking all the responses from your invited guests can be quite a nightmare.  Don’t panic, we have some fantastic advice on how to manage your RSVP’s so you really can sit back and relax and watch the responses come rolling in……..

Wedding Guest Tracker Spreadsheet

As well as advice on how to manage your RSVP’s we are throwing in this Wedding Guest Tracker spreadsheet to help you keep track of what’s what.  Invites, RSVP’s, seating arrangements, we like to keep it simple but it’s all in there.

Budget Planner Spreadsheet

Planning your wedding budget can be the scariest part of the wedding planning process.  No worries!  Use our simple Budget Planner spreadsheet to help keep track of your spending and give you an idea of how much you need to save to pay for your dream day.

Name Change Notification

Wedmin can be an absolute nightmare and your post-marriage name change can give you headaches for months to come.  Use our list of organisations of people to notify of your name change to keep on top of who you should be contacting.

Wedding Roles Explained

Members of your wedding party do have some basic duties that they are traditionally responsible for.  We have put together a list of the main players and their duties to help you delegate.

Guide to Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Choosing wedding flowers that are in season tends to be better valued and more readily available than flowers that are out of season.  Our handy guide  to what blooms are in season and when, will save you time, money and a whole load of stress